ramble re:the singer/songwriter tradition

April 24, 2010

i’ve been thinking a lot about music when trying to pinpoint exactly what i am trying to do with this movie.  not just any music though.  what i am specifically thinking about is the figure of a certain kind of singer/songwriter in our current culture:

leonard cohen

tom waits

bill callahan

will oldham

nick cave

jason molina


what do these men have in common and what does it have to do with my movie?  well first off, they are all men, in fact when trying to characterize the kind of person i was thinking about not a single woman came to mind.  other things i think bind these together: an emphasis on utilizing “simple” or “antiquated” means that have significant cultural connotations i.e. folk in the truest sense.  or roots is perhaps a better word.  a long with this comes  a certain directness, a certain feeling of immediacy and personal expression that is often not entirely the case.  an emphasis on first person perspective, of reflection, anguish, of having been through it and coming back to tell.  then a feeling of wisdom,  a feeling of mystery.  this first hand account also leads to a sense of fatalism, the protagonist/artist is left to the will of things out of his control.  when the artist is allowed to pull back from this position things seem less an act of fate.

i want to make something thatlives in all of these traits, all of these traditions.  something from the same place.  that is a goal.


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