Technical Difficulties

June 29, 2010

So I have a lot of great pictures and video… unfortunately, my computer/camera is having trouble uploading them to the web. I do have a solution that will have to wait until tomorrow when Target opens.

Anyway, the first day of shooting has come to a close. Some of us (not me, thank god) have been up for about 23 hours shooting. Tomorrow will be a little less hectic, and we finally get to shoot with Jeb! He’s been sitting around the house with little to do, but tomorrow we’ll be putting him to the test.

I thought it would be nice to share a comment posted on this blog by Jeb’s brother, Joe. I spoke to Joe on the phone about the project, and he seems very excited about his brother’s foray into filmmaking: “My Brother, Jeb! An intense, honest man, always speaks from his heart, life’s lessons adding integrity to his words …”

I’ve only known Jeb for a few months, but these words seem to be true. We’ve had a great time just hanging out around the set.

So yea, I WILL have pictures tomorrow, come hell or high water. I’ve had a lot of time to take them, because when you have hard workers like Zach Erdmann and Quinn Hester on the set, there’s not much for a producer to do.

Here’s to more smooth sailing.

– Kurt


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