June 30, 2010

I think the blog gods are conspiring against me, because the internet at this house is gone. Luckily, the neighbors kindly forgot to password protect.

Anyway, pictures:

This is Zach. He does anything and everything. Here he is painting walls. He also cooks our food:

But yeah. These walls used to be purple, but John’s mom was nice enough to let us paint them brown:

Thanks John’s mom. Hey! Look who showed up:

Chris couldn’t be here for more than a day, but our favorite swamp-hipster did set up a website for us: There’s nothing there yet, but someday. Someday.

Here are some photos of Quinn, our lighting/sound/actual-knowledge-of-film-technology master:

Profile pic for sure. So sultry. Here he is making a TV effect with a light and a fan:

And here he is making some moonlight through blinds:

Also pictured there are Mike and Molly. Mike is our male lead, and Molly plays his girlfriend. They had great chemistry:

Mike is doing a wonderful job so far.

Here he is with Jeb, who plays his father in the film:

Jeb has been fitting in with the group very nicely. He’s already giving me tons of crap and ridicule, so he’s really getting the hang of things.

I’ve been sneaking all sorts of photos of him.

I think it’s really great that John and I can somehow convince grown adults to come spend a week with us in some far-off location each year. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m really happy about it. Here are a few random gems:

Shooting reflections in empty fish tanks is always a good time. So is somehow including Brett Favre references in each of your movies:

Here’s me producing:

i.e. drinking PBR and pointing, two things I’m very good at. This shoot has actually been pretty hands-off for me, because it’s going so smoothly. I’ll take this over dead deer any day.

Well, thanks for sticking with this incredibly sprawling blog post, and sorry it took so long to get these photos up. I’ll try to have some video tonight as well.

Oh yeah, I’m forgetting someone else who plays a sort of important role…


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