moving right along

July 26, 2010

wanted to let people know that things are going well on the movie.  editing is well on its way and we shouldn’t have a problem having everything wrapped up by the end of august.  can’t wait for you all to be able to see it.

i know things haven’t been handled so well on the blog, but this is what happens when you have people trying to live their lives and make a movie at the same time.  sometimes blogging has to take the back seat.

we will have things coming up though, some rather big announcements about the whole self destructive films endeavor are on their way and will hopefully coincide with the launch of the web site.

thanks to all of you who look at this.




June 30, 2010

I think the blog gods are conspiring against me, because the internet at this house is gone. Luckily, the neighbors kindly forgot to password protect.

Anyway, pictures:

This is Zach. He does anything and everything. Here he is painting walls. He also cooks our food:

But yeah. These walls used to be purple, but John’s mom was nice enough to let us paint them brown:

Thanks John’s mom. Hey! Look who showed up:

Chris couldn’t be here for more than a day, but our favorite swamp-hipster did set up a website for us: There’s nothing there yet, but someday. Someday.

Here are some photos of Quinn, our lighting/sound/actual-knowledge-of-film-technology master:

Profile pic for sure. So sultry. Here he is making a TV effect with a light and a fan:

And here he is making some moonlight through blinds:

Also pictured there are Mike and Molly. Mike is our male lead, and Molly plays his girlfriend. They had great chemistry:

Mike is doing a wonderful job so far.

Here he is with Jeb, who plays his father in the film:

Jeb has been fitting in with the group very nicely. He’s already giving me tons of crap and ridicule, so he’s really getting the hang of things.

I’ve been sneaking all sorts of photos of him.

I think it’s really great that John and I can somehow convince grown adults to come spend a week with us in some far-off location each year. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m really happy about it. Here are a few random gems:

Shooting reflections in empty fish tanks is always a good time. So is somehow including Brett Favre references in each of your movies:

Here’s me producing:

i.e. drinking PBR and pointing, two things I’m very good at. This shoot has actually been pretty hands-off for me, because it’s going so smoothly. I’ll take this over dead deer any day.

Well, thanks for sticking with this incredibly sprawling blog post, and sorry it took so long to get these photos up. I’ll try to have some video tonight as well.

Oh yeah, I’m forgetting someone else who plays a sort of important role…

Technical Difficulties

June 29, 2010

So I have a lot of great pictures and video… unfortunately, my computer/camera is having trouble uploading them to the web. I do have a solution that will have to wait until tomorrow when Target opens.

Anyway, the first day of shooting has come to a close. Some of us (not me, thank god) have been up for about 23 hours shooting. Tomorrow will be a little less hectic, and we finally get to shoot with Jeb! He’s been sitting around the house with little to do, but tomorrow we’ll be putting him to the test.

I thought it would be nice to share a comment posted on this blog by Jeb’s brother, Joe. I spoke to Joe on the phone about the project, and he seems very excited about his brother’s foray into filmmaking: “My Brother, Jeb! An intense, honest man, always speaks from his heart, life’s lessons adding integrity to his words …”

I’ve only known Jeb for a few months, but these words seem to be true. We’ve had a great time just hanging out around the set.

So yea, I WILL have pictures tomorrow, come hell or high water. I’ve had a lot of time to take them, because when you have hard workers like Zach Erdmann and Quinn Hester on the set, there’s not much for a producer to do.

Here’s to more smooth sailing.

– Kurt

Hey everyone.

Pre-production is over. The camera batteries are charged, the microphones are ready, and alarms are set to go off at 3am and initiate principal photography on sleep in it. I’m updating the blog because everyone else is sleeping. Quinn may be talking to Jess, his girlfriend. He seems to do that a lot.

Anyway, the project has been going smoothly so far. We have completely transformed John’s parents’ house: we repainted walls and removed all the furniture, replacing it with thrift store treasures. The actors and locations are all in place, and everyone’s really excited to get the ball rolling on this one.

There are plenty of stories to tell, but I want to upload pictures and video to accompany them. Also, I’m tired. I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop starting tomorrow.


a fresh start

June 24, 2010

jeb platt

June 11, 2010


June 3, 2010

in an attempt to raise funds for the impending (3 weeks away) shoot of our newest feature “sleep in it” we will be selling limited edition t.l.c. versions of waltz on dvd.  this edition was handcrafted by myself and kurt raether and is limited to 50 copies.

the movie comes in a hand stamped paper case that is somewhere in size between a cd case and dvd case.  the title is stamped in the center and is surrounded by leave impressions made with a mix of detailed stamps and actual leaves and sticks.  kurt spent many an hour inking up leaves for your visual enjoyment.

inside is a 1/3 page note from myself on nice fiber paper that is hand signed and numbered out of 50.  extras on the dvd are video of the q&a with kurt and myself at the wisconsin film festival, a large gallery of production stills taken by marla peterson, and “a moth” a short that kurt and i did for school that served as a test of sorts for the camera we would be shooting waltz with.

for all of this we are asking a mere 10.00.  if you will have contact with kurt and myself in the near future and would simply like to get your copy from us, please choose the by hand option.  if you would like us to mail it to you please pick the by mail option and we will add 1.00 for shipping costs.

delivery by hand:

delivery by mail:

if you would like to give more to the production, we also are accepting donations.  small or large, all support (financially and beyond) means something to us.

* disclaimer * – if you donated to waltz and would like your free copy, please let us know.  the dvd will be the same as listed here, but the packaging will be a simple jewel case.

* disclaimer * – we are not technically supposed to be selling dvds right now as we are still trying to get played at other festivals.  this is one of the main reasons for the limited run.  eventually we will have a more mass produced version, but it will lack the handmade love and care, and limited availability, of this version.

* disclaimer * – eventually as part of this “official” release we will have a blu-ray that will look much much better than the dvd for those that have the proper equipment.

any questions or concerns should make their way towards woahmerATgmailDOTcom


May 28, 2010

michael wedel

May 28, 2010

douglas sirk

May 23, 2010